Nick Assef is the Chiarman of Lincoln Crowne & Company

Posted by Admin / October 19th, 2012

Nick Assef is the Chiarman of Lincoln Crowne & Company, which is a very well run company based out of Sydney, Australia. This company is an independent corporate advisory firm. This means that Lincoln Crowne & Company offers advice to clients in the course of their work which should help those corporate clients to turn higher profits in the long-term. This includes helping to solve disputes and negotiate mergers and acquisitions in the corporate world, whether that means they are guiding the board of directors or the shareholders. Chairman Nick Assef has his hands full in this industry, but he has a team of highly skilled professionals who know exactly what they are doing.

Nick Assef And Headquartered In Sydney

Posted by Admin / August 3rd, 2011

The corporate world is awash with various disputes and issues. They are not easily solved because there is generally a great deal of money at stake when it comes to corporate issues. Whether it is the hostile takeover of a firm, a lawsuit being brought against the company, or a dispute between the Board of Directors—there are any number of issues that can arise. These are not easily handled because they often involve uncommon issues. When someone or some group feels that they are being unfairly marginalized, they will sometimes look to independent corporate advisory firms for help with their particular situation.

Lincoln Crowne & Company is one such company that people look to for help with corporate issues. This independent advisory firm specializes in issues regarding Mergers & Acquisitions and has quite a good track record in the industry. Lincoln Crowne & Company is led by Chairman Nick Assef and headquartered in Sydney, Australia. Most of Lincoln Crowne & Company’s clients are corporations based in Australia or internationally. Clients of Lincoln Crowne & Company are also often advised on opportunities across borders.

Lincoln Crowne & Company is successful because it consists of a staff that is professional, knowledgeable, and experienced. One of their clients is Zijin Mining Group, which is an incorporated public company in China. Zijin Mining Group recently acquired a stake in Norton Gold. Lincoln Crowne & Company is a financial advisor for Zijin Mining Group for the purposes of this transaction.

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